Woven Strap & Container Lashing

Woven strapping and lashing belts are made of high-tensile polyester yarns. PolyPaq woven strappings hey have low elongation or creep, are highly tear-proof, and absorb very little moisture.

Together with our phosphated or ladder buckles, PolyPaq woven strapping and lashing belts are universally applicable for unionizing, palletizing, cargo securing on land, sea or air.

The woven and weft thread construction gives it unique performance and properties as compared to other monofilament, mono-material strappings.

  • Extreme Breakforce Possible (up to 8000kgf)
  • Highly Flexible
  • Does not splice
  • Corrosion & Weather Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Low Creep (<10%)