Dunnage Air Bag

Dunnage Bag or simply known as airbags are used to secure and stabilize cargoes by filling up the gaps and spaces during transportation in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships to prevent movement and collision of cargoes.

The most suitable bag depends on variables such as void size, height of the cargo and specific shipping requirements. PolyPaq Bags are available in a wide variety of sizes. Our professional team will advise on the most effective Dunnage Bag to match a customer’s individual requirements.

Our bag inner bag or bladder is made with unique lamination combination giving it its protective shock absorbency and air tightness. Ensuring your cargo is protecting even on long voyages. The outer bag is available in PP woven or Kraft Paper which are durable, moisture and puncture resistant.

What are the benefits of Dunnage Bags?

  • Cushioning effect
  • Cost effective
  • Easy and fast inflation
  • Reusable (5 times under proper use)
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